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The Rippers Most Horrifying Sites

Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Linda's Haunted Halloween
10.00 3 5
Come float down our haunted halls for a ghastly great Halloween! Prepare to be haunted! Comments
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2 Best Halloween Sites Directory
NR 1 1
A new directory for Halloween sites. Comments
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3 A banner exchange with a 2x payout.
NR 1 6
Sign up for this banner exchange, at we are currently able to provide over 40,000 impressions a day for your websites banner.
Vampire Banner Exchange Ratio: 1:2 (Get your banner displayed 2 times, for every ti
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4 Halloween Tales
10.00 1 3
Tales of Halloween ... To live a thrilling night! Comments
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5 let's scare jessica to death
NR 1 4
Website in honor of this classic horror. pics, sounds, clips, trivia, contests and more. Comments
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